An easy-to-use app to control and query sensors, and provide alert notifications.


Provides for data-logging of sensor inputs and a user-friendly dashboard lets you browse and export the data in CSV-format.

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External Water/Snow Level Sensor

This unique device is an externally mounted, highly accurate way to monitor critical water/snow levels for instance in flood-prone regions.

  • Monitors water or snow levels at up to a 4.5 meter differential
  • Ultrasonic ranging compensating for temperature
  • Low power consumption
  • Onboard lithium ion battery can be paired with low-cost solar panel
  • Compact form factor is easy to mount externally

Can be used in the field for long periods of time to cost-effectively monitor critical water levels.

Soil Moisture Sensor

Used in agriculture, this sensor detects the moisture level of soil and can remotely trigger the Water Flow Switch to irrigate the crops at the selected level minimizing the use of water and maximizing the yield.

Wired Temperature Sensor

This temperature sensor when connected to the hub will reply to an SMS sent to it with the current temperature being applied to the unit. As well, multiple alerts can be set to notify you when a critical temperature is being reached.

Pressure Sensors

We have various pressure sensors available that serve as remote, smart-gauges to alert the user when a critical level is reached. We can integrate the pressure sensor of your choice used for your specific application. Please contact us today at sales@sensorgrounds.com to discuss the suitability of the Sensor Grounds platform for your use-case.

Mailbox Light Sensor

This innovative sensor can detect changes in light and send alerts accordingly. One use-case is for the Canada Post community mailboxes to literally alert you when, “you’ve got mail!”

Set it up for your Post Office Box or when you are picking up mail for a friend and you’ll know exactly when mail has been delivered.

Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Detect when a vertically sliding door is open too long with our tilt sensor. Developed with a magnetic backing, this device easily attaches to a metal surface with handy indicator lights that indicate the position of the door. Query the sensor for its state remotely and you will know whether your kids left the garage door open again.

Water Level Sensor

Remotely monitor water levels and get alerted to when it reaches a desired threshold.


This GSM enabled hub relays commands and data between the various sensors and the user.  This unit connects any and all sensors developed by Sensor Grounds, giving the circuit GSM capabilities.


Preventing sensor corrosion for soil moisture/temperature probes

Corrosion of sensors is something to consider when deploying a project in the field. Solutions range from high-tech, such as specialized gold plating, to low-tech, such as coating the sensors cheaply using paint. The main tradeoffs are cost vs. precision. Often high-end, expensive sensors are housed in the same low-grade stainless steel as much cheaper …