Cutting through plastic boxes

During our project, we came across a new challenge… How to cut through plastic boxes. We came up with different solutions. One of the solutions, a low-cost solution is to get a soldering iron and a very sharp blade. By attaching the blade to the soldering iron with conductive wires you get a plastic cutting knife. We used wires to make sure that the blade didn’t move at all.

Another low-cost solution was to attach a wire that transfers heat to the soldering iron. With heat-resistant gloves, hold on to the other end of the wire and just grind through the plastic.

Although low-cost solutions are cheap, they are not always optimal to get the results you need. The next solution is to buy a Dremel. The best accessories to use with the Dremel is the grinder and the cutting kit. I wouldn’t recommend the other accessories since we accidentally destroyed one of our boxes using them. This solution is a bit costly but will get the job done very well.